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"A Lean 4D schedule helps you notice the problem areas of your project before they occur."

4D Scheduling Professionals

We are a group of 4D scheduling professionals with a passion to bring the future of scheduling to you. Our team members have various backgrounds from site to office. This wide knowledge gives our team the chance to look at the big picture, being able to notice things throughout the project. We are based in Finland, but we are able to work on international projects all over the world.

What We Offer

4D scheduling is what we do best. In an efficient manner, we combine the schedule with the 3D-model and data-model of your project. As a result, we build a 4D schedule that is easier to read and contains more information than a traditional schedule. With a 4D schedule, you will be able to identify problems before they occur and chances to increase profits that you probably would have missed working the traditional way. Also, a 4D schedule for its universally understandable format is an excellent way to visualize the project and where it is heading to various stakeholders, from the people at the site to the person that made the order. The fact that the schedule is more easily understood will also shorten your meetings and bring a more in-depth view of the situation.

Get the Benefits of 4D scheduling

We are both able to enhance an existing schedule and make a new schedule from scratch. Together with your professionals, we can virtually work on any project, no matter what you are building. Lean 4D is here to make your scheduling better. Since we are a company filled with ambition, we are happy to step with you into the unknown too. Tell us about your project via e-mail or call and start your journey towards 4D greatness!


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